Husband: George Henry BEAMAN
Born: 10 SEP 1849 in on the family farm in Winchendon, MA
Married: 21 APR 1873 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 25 JUN 1923 in Winchendon, MA
Father: Elisha Goodspeed BEAMAN
Mother: Harriet L HARRIS
Wife: Adelma Safra STONE
Born: 09 APR 1854 in Owen, Ill
Died: 11 SEP 1946 in Winchendon, MA
Father: Charles STONE
Mother: Terresna WEAVER
01 (F): Edith Adelma BEAMAN
Born: 29 SEP 1873 in Maynard, MA
Died: 14 JUL 1928 in Henry Hayward Hospital, Gardner, MA
Spouses: Herbert Bourn HADLEY
02 (M): Harry Lincoln BEAMAN
Born: 30 JUL 1875 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 29 JAN 1952 in Winchendon, MA
03 (M): Wilford Conant BEAMAN
Born: 01 OCT 1880 in MA
Died: 28 JUL 1964 in Concord Villa Rest Home, West Chester, PA
Spouses: Elizabeth Tarble GOODSPEED
04 (M): James Weaver BEAMAN, Dr.
Born: 06 MAR 1883 in Fitchburg, MA
Died: 23 DEC 1908 in Fort Smith, Sabastion, AR
05 (M): Robert Edward BEAMAN
Born: 25 FEB 1889 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 24 JAN 1896 in Winchendon, MA
06 (M): Elisha Marcus BEAMAN
Born: 31 JUL 1891 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 09 JAN 1939 in Winchendon, MA
Additional Information

George Henry BEAMAN:

Buried: 27 JUN 1923, Riverside Cemetery, Winchendon, MA


Died from cancer of the spleen. Family notes indicate he died in either May or June in 1923.
He lived and worked the family dairy farm. The Beaman's had a rather large milk route for the home delivery of milk throughout the Winchendon, MA area.
George Henry Beaman, a son of Elisha and Harriet Beaman, m. Adelma Safra Stone. Geroge was a Night Watchman during the 1880 Census. Census place: Fitchburg, Worcester, MA. During the 1920 Census, George, age 70, was the owner of a Dairy Farm that he operated with his son 0589 Harry L., age 44; and lived on Central St.; Adelma, age 65. (Son 0590 Wilford was on the same Census and living on (Central St.) Census Place: Winchendon, Worcester, MA. George lived and worked the family dairy farm, and they had a large milk route for the home delivery of milk throughout the Winchendon area.
Adelma died at the age of 92. She used her middle name as her first name. She gave the reason for this switch of names due to the initials of her name being A. S. S. and she was teased as a young girl about the initials. It is believed that she was born in Bidrsall, NY.
George died of canser of the spleen in May or Jun 1923 and Adelma died Sep 16, 1946, they are both buried at Riverside Cemetery, Winchendon, Worcester, MA.
On the birth certificate of his first child, Edith Adelma, his employment is that of a teamster and he was then living in Maynard, MA.

Adelma Safra STONE:

Buried: 13 SEP 1946, Riverside Cemetery, Winchendon, MA


Adelma died at the age of 92. She used her middle name as her first name. She gave the reason for this switch of names due to the initials of her name being A.S.S. and was teased as a young girl about those initials. Family notes say she was probably born in Birdsall, NY

The writer of these notes, James R. Hadley can remember, as a young boy ca. 1945, being taken to "the farm" in Winchendon, MA which was her home and where she died. During these visits of James, he was taken to an upstairs bedroom via a winding stair case where Adelma was bed ridden. His parents told James that Adelma had become blind in her old age.

Note: The Riverside Cemetery in Winchendon, MA has a family headstone that lists her name as "1854 Safra A. Stone 1946". The family listed her name as the way she used her name for most of her life. However, even though the listing of her name would probably have made her happy, it is none-the-less not her birth name.

Notes by Violet (Hadley) Maier indicate she was born on Apr 9, 1854 in Owen, Ill. However, other family notes indicate she was born on Aug. 9, 1854 and probably in Bridsall, NY. James R. Hadley, the writer of these notes is using the data supplied by Violet Maier but they needs to be verified.

The Stones, where Adelma was raised, had an extensive farm near the Beaman farm in Winchendon, MA

(02) Harry Lincoln BEAMAN:

Buried: 05 FEB 1952, Riverside Cemetery, Winchendon, MA


Harry Beaman, the oldest son, never married and spent his entire life at the Beaman farm in Winchendon, MA. He cared for his mother who lived to be 92 years old. Harry died, in a fire that leveled the entire house and the el that led to the barn. He always sat in his favorite chair beside the wood stove in the kitchen and his remains were found in the foundation hole next to the wood stove. It was assummed that one of the cats knocked over a kerosene lamp in the kitchen or adjoining dining room or a spark from the wood stove started the fire and Harry was overcome with smoke.
Harry was nearly totally blind at the time of the fire and yet lived alone on the farm. Even in the latter years of his life, after the dairy business was no longer operational, Harry worked the farm alone keeping only one or two cows. He was very fond of these animals and had no fear of them even though he was pined by the horns of a cow many years earlier.
The dairy farm was located on Pleasant Street and sat on a knoll several miles north of the town of Winchendon, MA, very close to the NH state line. It was a rather large farm. The house was located on the west side of the road with its water source across the road and at a higher elevation. This spring delivered drinking water to a cistern constructed under the kitchen. When water was needed, a hand operated pitcher pump was used to bring water directly up from the cistern to the kitchen sink. Neither the home nor barn was ever electrified. Kerosene lanterns were used when light was needed.
The barn, a large three storied structure was situated perpendicular to the house and was connected to the el via a milking parlor and grain/feed storage area. The middle floor housed the cattle, The top floor was the hay loft from which the hay could be dropped down into the cows' stalls during the winter months when the cows were not in the pasture. Since the barn was built on a slope, the lower level could be accessed from the back making it and effecient area to store wagons and other farm equipment. There was a hole in the floor of the main level through which the manure was pushed out landing in a "honey wagon." This wagon was situated so when full, horses were hitched up and it was pulled to the fields where the manure was spread..
There was a large cupola on the roof of the barn which could be reached from the hay mow by a very long ladder. The cupola was topped with a weather

(04) James Weaver BEAMAN, Dr.:

Buried: Riverside Cemetery, Winchendon, MA


Was a doctor. James R. Hadley writes: I can remember my father, Robert L. Hadley telling me that his uncle James was unmarried and died in his bath tub from asphyxiation resulting from a gas light that apparently went out. He also mentioned that I was named after him.
On the reverse of a family picture of James is a hand written date indicating the following: "Died Dec. 22, 1908, Age 25"

(05) Robert Edward BEAMAN:

Buried: Riverside Cemetery, Winchendon, MA


Family notes indicate he died of diphtheria.

(06) Elisha Marcus BEAMAN:

Buried: 11 JAN 1939, Riverside Cemetery, Winchendon, MA


He was known by his middle nick-name of Marc. Marcus died of a shock (cerebral hemorrhage). Marcus and his nephew, Robert Lucien Hadley went across the US on motor cycles. He was 47 at the time of his death. Records found through "The New England Historic and Genealogical Society" indicate his name was " Elisha Marcus Beaman" However, the writer of these notes, James R. Hadley and the son of Robert mentioned above, always heard his father referred to his uncle as Marc. Willard Hadley, the brother of Robert ,who also knew Marc, also referred to him as such. It came as a surprise to the writer of these notes that the record indicates that Marc may not have been his real first name. (Note; The spelling of the name "Marc" is by guess of this writer). He was a carpenter. He died suddenly while at work at the Brown Package Mfg. Co. in Winchendon, MA "He was oiling a machine in a pit when a co-worker returned and found him slumped in a corner"
The 1930 US Census from Winchendon, MA incorrectly lists the spelling of his first name as "Marin"

No records has been found to suggest he ever was married.
Family records in the possess of James R. Hadley in 2002 indicate his name was Marcus Elisha Beaman.

Marriage Notes

Their marriage data is said to be found in the town records of Winchendon, MA Vol. 255 page 345

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