Husband: Herbert Bourn HADLEY
Born: 25 APR 1875 in Brooks Village, Templeton, MA
Married: 21 SEP 1898 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 29 JAN 1944 in Athol, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Father: Lucien Norman HADLEY
Mother: Jeanette BOURN
Spouses: Mary Etta WHITCOMBE
Wife: Edith Adelma BEAMAN
Born: 29 SEP 1873 in Maynard, MA
Died: 14 JUL 1928 in Henry Hayward Hospital, Gardner, MA
Father: George Henry BEAMAN
Mother: Adelma Safra STONE
01 (M): Willard Beaman HADLEY
Born: 26 FEB 1901 in Gardner, MA
Died: 15 JAN 1972 in Athol, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
02 (F): Violet May HADLEY
Born: 03 NOV 1902 in East Templeton, MA
Died: 01 JUN 1984 in Athol, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Spouses: Karl "Gus" Fredrick Gustav MAIER, Jr.
03 (M): Robert Lucien HADLEY
Born: 21 MAR 1904 in Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 01 OCT 1977 in His home at 1440 Main St., Athol, MA
Spouses: Annie "Anne" Bertha HALL
04 (F): Adelma Jean HADLEY
Born: 10 APR 1907 in EastTempleton, Worcester, MA
Died: 28 DEC 1988 in Fair Haven Retirement Community, Sykesville, Maryland
Spouses: Lynford Alexander LARDNER, Dr
05 (M): Herbert Bourn HADLEY, Jr.
Born: 05 OCT 1911 in East Templeton, MA
Died: 05 NOV 1927 in A Boston, MA Hospital
Additional Information

Herbert Bourn HADLEY:

Buried: 01 FEB 1944, Pine Grove Cemetery, Templeton, Massachusetts


After the wedding of Herbert and Edith, they moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana and were located there by Nov. 1, 1898 where Herbert's oldest brother Arthur was working. Herbert and Edith lived in the Fort Wayne area for several years. Herbert worked in a factory running a lathe and Edith taught school. Herbert was a fine baseball player and played semi-pro baseball for the St. Louis Browns, usually as a pitcher. They returned to the Templeton, MA area in time for the birth of their first child in Feb. 1901. They resided on Pleasant St. in East Templeton, MA before moving to South Ashburnham. MA. and then on to Athol, MA with his involvement in the development of the Athol Table Mfg. Co., Inc.
He died as the result of a heart attack in Athol, MA where he was the president and one of the founders, of the Athol Table Table Mfg. Co., Inc.. At the time of his mothers death in 1915 he was foreman at the Bay State Metal Wheel Co. He later joined his brothers George and Walter to open the Athol Table Mfg. Co.,Inc. The first location for this new company was in South Athol, MA. and that location was in a former rug facility. This manufacturing plant soon proved to be too small and the company then purchased the former Diamond Match Co. in Athol, MA and they continued operating at that facility until 2003 when the company was sold by the heirs of Herbert.
He was president of the Athol Table Mfg. Co., Inc, and he had operated the Bourn-Hadley Chair Co. in Templeton, MA. He was vice-president of the F.W. Lombard Co. and vice-president of the Pioneer Upholstering Co. Inc. He was a member of the Hope Lodge of Masons in Gardner, MA.
His son ,Robert L. Hadley, was told by the night watchman of the Ethyl Table Co. that Herbert had previously been seen in his factory office sitting with his head hung out an open window gasping for air. (One can assume he was having a heart attack for which he apparently did nothing). He had lived at 1158 Main Street, Athol, MA and then at 1528 Main Street in Athol where he was found dead in his favorite chair.
He loved dogs and often talked about "Browny" one of his favorite dogs. He also kept hunting dogs. He enjoyed both hunting and fishing. He owned land in Royalston, MA and a fishing camp on Packard Heights Pond in Orange, MA. He was 68 at the time of his death.

CORRECTION: On page 11 of the "Worcester Sunday Telegram" dated Jan 30, 1944 will be found his obituary. This obituary indicates that he died at his home at 1158 Main Street Athol, MA. This is incorrect. Herbert did die at his home but at the time of his death his home was at 1528 Main Street Athol, MA However, he had lived at the home on 1158 Main Street several years earlier. He still owned the 1158 Main Street residence and rented that home. His estate financial statement lists the sale of the house and property of 1158 Main Street as well as his home and property of 1528 Main Street. His grandson James R. Hadley and the writer of these notes, can clearly remember visiting his grandfather Herbert B. Hadley at his home on 1528 Main Street several weeks before his death.
As a hobby he enjoyed both hunting and fishing. He kept hunting dogs with an interests in hunting fox. Two of his dogs, that were also pets, were "Star" and "Brownie".
At the time of his mothers death in 1915 we was foreman at the Bay State Metal Wheel Factory. (probably located in Baldwinville, MA)
James R. Hadley writes: " I can slightly remember my grand father. I was about 5 1/2 years old when he died. I remember him being bald, and a very husky man with glasses. I remember he would often smoke a cigar after dinner. He was kind to me and always wanted to pick me up."
The second wife of Herbert, Mary Etta Whitcomb, was a person he had know all his life since her family was from Brooks Village, Templeton, MA and the families knew each other.
Places were Herbert and Edith lived:
Ft Wayne, Indiana 1898
Lincoln St. Gardner, MA. 1901
West Broadway, Gardner, MA 1902
East Templeton, MA Winter St
East Templeton, MA Pleasant St 1906
S. Ashburnham, MA 1919-1925
Athol, MA 1925- 1944

Family records indicate the marriage of Herbert and Edith took place on 21 Sept 1898 and yet the official record from the Town of Winchendon, MA lists their wedding date as 22 Sept 1898. (James R. Hadley writes: "These people were my grandparents and I believe the family record of 21 Sept 1898 to be correct" )

Edith Adelma BEAMAN:

Buried: Pine Grove Cemetery, Templeton, Massachusetts


She graduated from the Murdock High School in Winchendon, MA in 1893. Upon her marriage in her family home/farm in Winchendon, she and her husband moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana where they worked for about two years; he in a factory and she teaching school.
In 1901 she and Herbert lived on Lincoln Ct. in Gardner, MA. In 1902, they were living on West Broadway in Gardner. They then moved to East Templeton, MA and first lived on Winter St. and then in 1906 were living on Pleasant St. in East Templeton. They lived in South Ashburnham. MA from 1919 to 1925 when they moved to Athol, MA
Word among the family is that she died of a broken heart. Her grandson James R. Hadley offers the following:
It is perhaps important to understand the social, religious and cultural environment at the time of Edith's life. She had her first child in 1901 and her last child, Herbert Jr. in 1911. Herbert was almost four and one half years younger than the next youngest child. As such, Herbert found himself the last child at home as he entered high school. The parenting efforts of his mother had continued for 26 years and were coming to a close as soon as Herbert was scheduled to graduate from high school the following year. As such, he received the undivided attention of his parents, specifically his mother.
From the time Edith had her first child, until the time of Herbert Jr.'s death, her efforts were spent in being a mother, wife, and homemaker. She devoted herself to that task with apparently much joy. Her husband, Herbert Sr. was most successful in business which took a great deal of his time. What free time he did have, he occasionally tried to do a bit of hunting and fishing. The role in the family he played was that of a provider and Edith's role was all the other tasks necessary to run a successful home.
Edith grew up as a devote Methodist and did not believe in participating in activities outside the family on Sundays. There was no card playing, movies or dancing on Sundays. This was a value that was not uncommon to the New Englander with Victorian values. She acquired these values from her mother and from her grandmother as well. It was the type of life she knew and understood and passed them on to her children as well. She was the most influential value establisher in her home and these values were instilled in a loving and caring way to her children. For the last four years of her life, her parenting role was clearly centered around her son Herbert Jr. Herbert Jr. became sick with polio and was soon taken to a hospital in Boston, MA. Herbert Jr. died not much more than a week from the time he became ill. During the last days of Herbert's Jr. life, Herbert Sr., brothers Robert and Willard went to the hospital and at least one of them were with Herbert Jr. at all times. Edith wanted to go to the hospital as well but was prevented from doing so by her husband and two older sons. It was the Victorian values coming through in which men saw their role as taking care of women and attempting to shield the women from anguish and pain. It was a time in which the men made the decisions. The social values of the time had just given women the right to vote seven years earlier.
Edith's son Willard said that when his mother learned of the death of Herbert, Jr. "she went to her room and cried for weeks". Herbie asked Willard to "tell mother I understand why she did not visit him in the hospital" Apparently she felt her whole life had lost its meaning and her health deteriorated. She was never able to work through this pain and grief that her family felt was the principle cause of her death on July 14, 1928. She died from tubercular cerebral meningitis.
Her places of residence after marriage on Sept 2, 1898 were Ft Wayne, Indiana, Lincoln St, Gardner, MA,1901; West Broadway (Gardner, MA), 1902; Winter St., East Templeton, MA., Pleasant St. East Templeton, MA. 1906; South Ashburnham, MA 1919-1925, Athol, MA. 1925 until her death on July 14, 1928
Her birth was recorded in the Town of Maynard, MA on Jan 20, 1874.
Her obituary in the Athol Daily News indicted she died of Spinal Menengetis

(01) Willard Beaman HADLEY:

Buried: 18 JAN 1972, Pine Grove Cemetery, Templeton, Massachusetts


He was never married. He spent the major part of his life working at the Simond Saw & Steel Co. Fitchburgh, MA. ss# 018-01-1318.
For years, he was the treasurer of the Sunday School of the Starrett Memorial Methodist Church in Athol, MA where he also sang in the choir as a tenor.
He was a trained mechanic and very interested in automobiles. He had a 1934 Ford Phayton, a 1941 Lincoln Zepher and a 1954 Mercedes.
He had a passion for fishing and owned several fishing boats plus many fishing rods and reels. His major interest was fishing for lake trout and lake salmon.
He suffered a stoke about 1955 and spent the rest of his life with a degree of paralises. He was still able to live alone and provide most of the care for himself inspite of his physical limitations.

(05) Herbert Bourn HADLEY, Jr.:

Buried: Pine Grove Cemetery, Templeton, Massachusetts


Born on a Thursday morning at 9:40am and weighed 8#, according to his baby book notes written by his mother. Died at age 16. He was a junior at the Athol High School, Athol MA. He was on the high school football team, a member of the Starrett Memorial Methodist Church and the Athol YMCA His nick name was Herbie. The Athol Daily News Sept 12, 1935 has an article about the Athol YMCA. Thaqt article mentioned a $100 endowment given in the name of Herbie. It also mentioned that Herbie died from "Infantile Paralysis".

Marriage Notes

They were married at her family home/farm which was located north of the town of Winchendon, MA. (The farm is believed to have been on the road to Ringe, NH)

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