Husband: Wilford Conant BEAMAN
Born: 01 OCT 1880 in MA
Married: 11 OCT 1913
Died: 28 JUL 1964 in Concord Villa Rest Home, West Chester, PA
Father: George Henry BEAMAN
Mother: Adelma Safra STONE
Wife: Elizabeth Tarble GOODSPEED
Born: 22 AUG 1884 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 02 MAR 1950 in Winchendon, MA
Father: Adin I. GOODSPEED
Mother: Fanny Louisa BERG
01 (F): Mary Elizabeth BEAMAN
Born: 29 APR 1915 in Philadelphia, PA
Died: 02 MAR 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Spouses: Harvey Bertrum WILGUS
02 (F): Harreit Louisa BEAMAN
Born: about APR 1917
Died: 22 NOV 1965 in Bryn Mawr Hospital, Bryn Mawr, PA.
Spouses: Robert True MYERS
Additional Information

Wilford Conant BEAMAN:

Buried: 01 AUG 1964, Riverside Cemetery, Winchendon, MA


His obituary indicates he was born in Fitchburg, MA on Oct. 12, 1890. The US Census of June 1900 for Winchendon, MA list his birth as Oct. 1880. A hand written family notes indicate he was born Oct. 11 or 12 1880. He was a building contractor. He was a member of Artisan Lodge of Masons and North Star Chapter, Royal Arch Masons. At the time of his death, he had been living in West Chester for about 3 months to be close to his daughter.
At the time of his death he was survived by seven grandchildren and his two daughters. He had lived much of his adult life at 27 Monadnock, Ave. Winchendon, MA, a home he physically build for himself and his family since he was a building contractor. He was a trustee of the Winchendon, MA Savings Bank whose term expired in 1943.
Will was a tall man as were many of the Beamans. James R. Hadley writes in 2005: "I can remember him when I was a young boy ca. 1945 and I spent a week at his home. He had a wonderful woodworking shop in his garage. Looking back on his height and judging from family pictures and comments of my father and uncle Willard, I would guess he must have been around 6'-4" in height." In addition my father, Robert L Hadley indicted all the Beaman men were tall

Elizabeth Tarble GOODSPEED:

Buried: Riverside Cemetery, Winchendon, MA


Elizabeth died from cancer. A notice appeared in the local paper identified as "Thursday" and that Elizabeth died "the night before". Also, A hand written date indicates Mar. 2, 1950. A nad written note in the diary of Mary A Hadley of Templetohn, MA indicates Elizabeth died on Mar 1, 1950

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