Husband: David Wilder BEAMAN, Capt
Born: 21 AUG 1776 in Westminister, MA
Married: 14 APR 1798 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 08 JUL 1840 in Beaman Family Farm, Winchendon, MA
Father: Gamaliel Wilder BEAMAN
Mother: Prudence WILDER
Wife: Polly CARTER
Born: 15 MAR 1777 in Leominster, MA
Died: 10 FEB 1850 in Winchendon, MA
Father: Jude CARTER
Mother: Sarah TURNER
01 (M): Gamaliel Carter BEAMAN, Rev
Born: 20 MAR 1799 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 26 OCT 1875 in Keosauqua, IA
Spouses: Elizabeth G. JACOBS; Amelia CRICHTON
02 (M): Elisha Goodspeed BEAMAN
Born: 22 SEP 1800 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 27 APR 1886 in Winchendon, MA
Spouses: Harriet L HARRIS
03 (F): Sally Turner BEAMAN
Born: 29 SEP 1802 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 18 MAY 1891
Spouses: Hannaniah WHITNEY, Jr. Capt
04 (M): David Wilder BEAMAN
Born: 29 AUG 1804 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 17 JUL 1837
05 (M): Melas BEAMAN
Born: 31 JUL 1806 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 13 OCT 1808 in Winchendon, MA
06 (F): Mary Ann BEAMAN
Born: 04 DEC 1808 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 13 NOV 1900 in Winchendon, MA
Spouses: William DAVIS
07 (F): Prudence White BEAMAN
Born: 07 JAN 1811 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 07 FEB 1878 in New Ispwich, NH
Spouses: Amos H. WRIGHT
08 (F): Harriet BEAMAN
Born: 08 JAN 1814 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 18 JAN 1888 in Canton, MA
Spouses: John Danforth DUNBAR
09 (F): Eliza BEAMAN
Born: 19 AUG 1816 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 24 JUN 1851 in New Orleans, LA
Spouses: James GARLAND
10 (M): William BEAMAN
Born: 16 SEP 1818 in Winchendon, MA
Died: 11 AUG 1893 in Winchendon, MA
Spouses: Eliza Caroline WHITNEY
Additional Information

David Wilder BEAMAN, Capt:

Buried: Old Center Cemetery, Sect. 3B-100, Winchendon, MA


David and Polly settled on a tract of land which had been given to Gamaliel Beaman by James Otis. This farm became known as the "Beaman Farm". It appears as they had only one child and that being David. David obtained a degree from Amherst College and hand written notes indicate he became a Presbyterian minister in Iowa. Other data found on suggest he may have been born in Ringe, NH Mar 14, 1777.
On page 13, of the records of Births, Marriages and Deaths of the Town of Winchendon, MA his birth is recorded under the name of David Wilder Beeman born Aug. 21, 1776
(A note found on indicates his birth to be Apr. 21, 1776. James R. Hadley, the writer of these notes, believes that April date to be an error for the following reasons: I. "The Beaman & Clark Genealogy" page 95 book by Emily Beaman Woodword, 1909 and reprinted for the Beaman Museum in 1978, lists the birth date as Aug. 21, 1776. 2. Records found in a town reference book located in the Town Clerks office of Winchendon as cited above. 3. No other record indicating the April birth date has yet surfaced)

His birth location, as found on the death certificate of his son Elisha, lists that location as also being in Winchendon, MA.


Buried: Old Center Cemetery, Sect. 3B-101, Winchendon, MA


She was Baptized in Rindge, NH Aug. 27, 1780 according to the book "History of Rindge, NH, 1736 - 1874" by Ezra S. Stearns, Pub. 1875, Press of George H. Ellis, Boston. In addition this book also states she was the daughter of "Jude Carter and wife Sarah from Leominster, were here (Rindge) previous to 1780" Jude was deaf and dumb. This reference also states "No record of the birth of their children has been secured and perhaps all the them (4) are not named in this register"

Her death certificate on file with the Town of Winchendon, MA indicate the name of her father to have been Jonah Carter. It is also noted, in the previously above mentioned records, the fourth child of the Carters was named Jude. This suggests he might have been a junior and possible had the same first name as his father. This records might be in error and was the intended reference for only the son.

Her birth location, as listed on the death certificate of her son Elisha, is listed as being Leominster, MA . The town of Leominster, MA town clerk has her birth certificate as listing the birth date as March 15, 1777. However, family records list her birth date as March 14, 1777.

(05) Melas BEAMAN:

Buried: Old Center Cemetery, Sect. 3B-102, Winchendon, MA

Marriage Notes

The date of filing for their "intention to marry" was done in Winchendon, MA on Mar. 10, 1798

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