Over the years, I have become one of the "keepers" of family records for the Hadleys, beginning with George of Ipswich, Massachusetts. I am currently entering records, using the Family Tree Maker software package. This is truly a "work in progress," and a lifelong activity. I feel that these are accurate, to the extent that my records and research suggest. However, there are bound to be errors, omissions, discrepancies, and missing data. Should you find information that is missing or incorrect please email me at: Jim@HadleyGenealogy.net.

To view my extensive database and other genealogical information, click on the link: Hadley Data, or select one of the other pages from the list in the left column.

— James R. Hadley

The Genealogist

He breathes life, even if for brief moments, into each of them,
They who fill his blood and soul with their shadows of existence.

They enter the world of his family history, vast and complex.
Most are unaware that they have been invited.
But because of him, their names and dates and places in time
Become personalities and faces of prominence.

He meets each at the door,
Greets them all properly and with homage,
And leads them to the links and connections and pedigree
That have made each one part of
The Family of Hadleys, in both large and small ways.

Many do not know the others; it matters not
For he knows each one, and how and why they belong.
The passion of his life's work is recorded and celebrated.

James R. Hadley, this is dedicated to you!

— Anita DeFina Hadley ’08