Husband: Mortimer LuGar Hadley 1
Born: 26 FEB 1876 in New York, USA
Married: 02 NOV 1904 in New York, New York, uSA
Died: 15 APR 1923 in Manhatten, New York, USA
Father: Ritter C. Hadley
Mother: Ella S. LuGar
Spouses: Gertruce B Cross
Wife: Marvel Elizabeth Hawkes
Born: 04 JUL 1883 in Upper Kincardine, New Brunswick, Canada
Died: 04 AUG 1969 in Carmer, Putman, New York, USA
Father: Walter Thomas Hawkes
Mother: Mary Donaldson Mann
Spouses: Philip Joseph McGonegal
  1. The New Harlem Register; a Genealogy of the descendants of the original Patentees [534].
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