Husband: Rev Stephen BATCHELDER
Born: 1561 in Tournai, Belgium
Married: 26 MAR 1627
Died: 20 OCT 1660 in Hackney, England
Father: Philip BACHILER
Mother: Anne ?
Spouses: Anne BATE; Christine WEARE, widow.
Wife: Helena MASON, widow.
Born: 1583
Died: 1644
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Occupation: minister


Misc. Notes on Stephen Batchelder

- According to Nicholson, late in life Stephen Batchelder was falsely accused
of improper advances to a parishioner. Despite support from many in the
town, this led to the a nearly complete breakdown of Rev. Batchelder. During
this time, his third wife, Helena.

After the death of his wife, he was helped by a neighbor lady who reportedly
engineered a marriage with the 94-year-old Batchelder. He found that his
new wife was pregnant before their marriage. Some of his friends smuggled
him out of the country and back to England.

Stephen Batchelder graduated from St. John's College with an AB degree in 1586. After he married, he lived in Clatford, Grately, and Brimpton. He married second to widow Christine Weare in 1623, she died shortly thereafter. He married widow Helen a Mason (born 1583, died 1644) on 26 March 1627. He and his third wife, then living at Barton Stacey, signed on the William and Francis to go to the American colonies.

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