Husband: John PROCTOR, Jr.
Born: 09 OCT 1631 in Assington, Suffolk, England
Died: 19 AUG 1692 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Father: John PROCTOR
Mother: Martha HARPER
Spouses: Elizabeth THORNDIKE; Martha GIDDONS; Martha GIDDENS; Elizabeth BASSETT
Wife: Elizabeth BASSETT
Born: about 1850
Died: 01 APR 1674 in Lynn, Salem, Essex, MA
Additional Information

John PROCTOR, Jr.:

Baptised: 09 OCT 1631, Groton, Suffolk, England

Buried: 19 AUG 1692, Peabody, MA

Name: John PROCTOR

Died: 19 AUG 1692, Salem, Essex Co., MA

Died: 19 AUG 1692, Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts


John Proctor's 2nd wife, Elizabeth Bassett, was accused of witchcraft and tried and condemned. John defended her and was, himself, tried and hanged. Elizabeth was reprieved on account of her pregnancy and later released. Two or three of her child ren were also sent to prison during the affair.

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