Husband: Daniel VAUGHAN
Born: 02 JUN 1789 in Middleboro, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Died: 02 FEB 1861 in Prescott, MA
Father: Nathan VAUGHAN
Mother: Mary FRYE (FRYES)
Spouses: Delatia GUNN
Wife: Lucy (KING)
Born: about 1792
Died: 03 OCT 1840 in Prescott, MA
01 (M): Daniel King VAUGHN
Born: 1812
Died: 05 JUN 1880
Spouses: Martha LOMBARD; Ester
02 (M): Samuel King VAUGHN
Born: 04 JUL 1814 in Prescott, MA
Spouses: Rhoda WHEELER
03 (F): Lucy Bertheah VAUGHN
Born: 03 JUL 1817 in Prescott, MA
Spouses: George WINTER
04 (F): Sally Southwick VAUGHN
Born: 23 MAY 1819 in Prescott, MA
Died: 20 APR 1866
Spouses: Major BROWN
05 (M): Dexter Monroe VAUGHN
Born: 08 AUG 1822 in Prescott, MA
06 (F): Jehodan Ward Felton VAUGHN
Born: 10 JAN 1827 in Prescott, MA
Died: 1865
Spouses: Warren HANSON
07 (F): Roxanna Irena VAUGHAN
Born: 22 FEB 1830 in Prescott, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 18 FEB 1873 in Prescott, MA
Spouses: William HILDRETH
08 (F): Martha Maria VAUGHAN
Born: 12 APR 1832 in Prescott, MA
Spouses: Albert WHEELER
09 (F): Mary Jane VAUGHAN
Born: 28 AUG 1834 in Prescott, MA
Died: 1902
Spouses: John ABBOTT
10 (F): Rebecca Ann VAUGHAN
Born: 16 DEC 1836 in Prescott, MA
Died: 08 DEC 1863
Spouses: George A BERRY
11 (?): ? VAUGHN
Born: (Private)
Additional Information


Buried: Mountain View Cemetery Soutn New Salem, MA


Family notes indicate there was another child that apparently died in infancy. )This unnamed child is shown as a ? in these notes.)
There is a record indicating a Daniel R Vaughn married in 1862 in the Town of Prescott. This record is found in Vol.154 page 72. and obtained from the "Vital Record of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts".
He died on a farm, the result of an accident the result of "the falling of his barn".
Daniel and Delatia were married by Nathan Vaughan, Justice of the Peace. This Nathan Vaughan was a brother of Daniel.

Lucy (KING):

Buried: 1840, Mountain View Cemetery, South New Salem, Franklin, MA


Her maiden last name of King, as of Aug 2011 had yet to be proven.

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