Husband: Joseph Almun HADLEY
Born: 29 JUL 1847 in Cherry Creek, New York
Died: 02 FEB 1929
Father: Niles Harrison HADLEY
Mother: Orpha LAWRENCE
Wife: Samantha (Sarah) ANN MISSINER
Born: 16 JAN 1856 in Gentry County, Missouri
Died: 27 MAY 1933 in Portland, Oregon
Father: Philip MISEMER
Mother: Mary I. PATTON
01 (M): Frank M. HADLEY
Born: 22 DEC 1881 in Missouri
Died: 18 APR 1966 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
02 (F): Orpha R. HADLEY
Born: 28 OCT 1884 in Miller, Twp, Gentry, Missouri
Died: after 1934
Spouses: Carroll R. FISH
03 (F): Jessie HADLEY
Born: 19 SEP 1888 in Jackson Twp. Gentry, Mississippi
Died: APR 1966 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA
Spouses: Phillip S. ARMSTRONG
04 (F): ? HADLEY
Born: 17 SEP 1889
Died: 07 NOV 1889
05 (F): ? HADLEY
06 (F): Mary HADLEY
Born: 17 JUL 1893
Died: 24 SEP 1898
Additional Information

Joseph Almun HADLEY:

Buried: (Cherry Creek Central Cemetery), Cherry Creek, Chatauqua, NY; Plot: 60


According to his daughter Jessie, he died of Feb. 2, 1929. However, according to his son Frank M. , he died on Feb. 2, 1928. (The information on his burial and plot location is not certain. There is a tomestone marker in the Cherry Creek Cemtery with the name Joseph Hadley but without any dates)

Samantha (Sarah) ANN MISSINER:


She was know as Sarah. Her last name has been observed spelled as Mismer in a family note.

(01) Frank M. HADLEY:


On Feb. 1, 1934 he was living at 1400 Oak Street, Los Angeles, CA and was unmarried. (A. M. Haldley)

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