Husband: Amos HADLEY, 2nd
Born: 27 APR 1779 in Dunbarton Center, Merrimack, New Hampshire
Died: 04 FEB 1855 in Bow, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA
Father: Amos HADLEY
Mother: Dorothy (Dolly) SARGENT
Spouses: Sarah COLBY
Wife: Abigail ?
Born: 1800
Died: 15 DEC 1850
Additional Information

Amos HADLEY, 2nd:

Buried: Green Cemetery, Bow Center, Merrimack, New Hampshire

Born: 27 APR 1778


Amos first resided in Dunbarton, NH on what today (ca.1934) is known as the Ira Colby farm in the south part of the town. This was the next farm to his fathers. He later exchanged this farm with Willaby Colby of Bow and removed to Bow, NH where he resided on the Elijah Colby place on Wood Hill in Bow, NH. Amos is buried in a small cemetery at Bow Center, NH just west of the Baptist Church. (In the 1930's there was a small American Flag on his grave which suggests he may have served in a war.) He purchased in 1823 the Elijah Colby place at Wood Hill and their son remained on the homestead in Dunbarton having married Massey Wheeler (Ref. Colby Book). one had written note suggest he may have died on Feb. 1, 1855.
In 1848 he was serving as Justice of the Peace for the Town of Bow, New Hampshire

Abigail ?:

Buried: Green Cemetery, Bow Center, Merrimack, New Hampshire

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