Husband: Amos Hadley ANNIS
Born: 07 JUN 1806 in Bradford, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA
Died: 11 JUN 1863 in Goffstown, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA
Father: Daniel David ANNIS; Daniel Davis ANNIS
Mother: Dorothy "Dolly" HADLEY; Dorothy "Dolly" HADLEY
Wife: Henrietta WOODBURY
Born: 02 OCT 1808 in Goffstown, Hillsborough, New Hampshire
Died: 01 AUG 1899
Father: James HADLEY
Mother: Lucy STORY
01 (F): Lucretia J. ANNIS
Born: 20 APR 1833
Spouses: David G. ROBERTS
02 (M): Daniel ANNIS
Born: 13 SEP 1835
Died: 04 NOV 1895
Spouses: Maria FOGG
03 (F): Mary S. ANNIS
Born: 05 MAY 1838
Spouses: John NUTE
04 (M): Edward W. ANNIS
Born: 07 AUG 1840
Died: 09 APR 1912
05 (M): Edwin S. ANNIS
Born: 07 AUG 1840
Died: 11 JAN 1909 in Goffstown, Hillsborough, New Hampshire
Spouses: Maria; S. Emily PERLEY; Della GREENWOOD
06 (F): Betsey ANNIS
Born: 28 MAR 1843
Died: 10 MAR 1905 in Penacock, NH
Spouses: Alfred COMFORT; Freeman YOUNG
07 (F): Vashti ANNIS
Born: 09 MAR 1847
Spouses: James F. NEAL
08 (M): Alvaro F. ANNIS
Born: 16 SEP 1850
Died: 08 JUL 1907 in Amherst
Spouses: Lizzie A. BREAD
Additional Information

Amos Hadley ANNIS:

Buried: Westlawn Cemetery, Goffstown, Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Name: Amos Hadley ANNIS

Born: 07 JUN 1806


He resided in Dunbarton and Goffstown where he died. All their children were born in Dunbarton, NH

Henrietta WOODBURY:


Question. Should her last name be Hadley?

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