Husband: Charles AYERS
Born: 12 MAR 1829 in Crawford, Washington Co. Maine
Married: 03 JUL 1884 in East Farmington, WI
Died: 24 MAY 1893 in Fowler, Crowley Co. CO
Spouses: Cynthia Snowball WOODRUFF; Mary A. WILLIAMS; Amanda MCCARTHY
Wife: Caroline FARNELL
Born: 10 APR 1856 in Sweden
Died: 17 NOV 1937 in Crowley Co. Fowler, CO
Father: Nells FARNELL
Mother: Seizzie
Additional Information

Charles AYERS:

Buried: Ramsey Cemetery, Polk Co. WI


He lived most of his adult life in Polk Co, WI In1870 he had two domestic servents living in his home. These were Ellen Anderson from Sweden, 30 years of age and Gale Eliza from Ireland, 21 years of age.
At an organizational metting of Farmintwon Twp. WI, on April 5, 1859, he was elected Clerk.
He was excommunicated from the Baptist Church in Osceola, WI.
In 1854 is started the first store in Farmington,WI. He had the store for 3 years.
In 1866 he started another store that was a prosperous business until Feb. 1876 when is was destroyed as the result of a fire. with a loss of $11,000.
In 1871 for one year, he owned a blacksmith shop
In 1877 he owned a farm equipment store in Farmington, WI
He was the first accessor for Farmington Township, WI

(Note by Richard Kretzschmar in 2006)

Caroline FARNELL:


She was from minneapolis. Her family were old settlers of Laketown, Polk Co. WI. She was from a Baptist family

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