Husband: Joseph Addison HADLEY
Born: 25 DEC 1820 in Waterford, Caledonia, Vermont
Married: 26 AUG 1841 in St. Johnsbury, VT
Died: 23 MAR 1892 in Chelmsford, MA
Father: Stephen HADLEY, Sr
Mother: Sarah CUSHMAN
Spouses: Emily MORRILL; Caroline B. WATSON
Wife: Emily S BAILEY
Born: 1821
Died: 10 APR 1873 in St. Johnsbury, VT
Father: Flavil BAILEY
Mother: ? BIXBY
01 (F): Mary HADLEY
Born: 1869 in Sinclairville, NY
Spouses: James JOHNSTON
02 (F): Helen Maria HADLEY
Born: 20 JUN 1843 in Danville, Caledonia, Vermont
Spouses: Joseph W. RANDALL
03 (M): James Addison HADLEY
Born: 19 FEB 1845 in Danville, Caledonia, Vermont
Died: 19 SEP 1922 in Melrose, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Spouses: Lucretia Helen SOMERS
04 (F): Emily Jane HADLEY
Born: 27 APR 1841 in Waterford, Caledonia, Vermont
Additional Information

Joseph Addison HADLEY:

Buried: 1892, St. Johnsbury, VT - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Name: Joseph A. HADLEY


One record suggests the middle name may have been Anson. He resided in Waterford, and Danville, VT[Hadley (1).FTW]

Wife #1 - Emily Morrill
Wife #2 - Emily S. Bailey
b: 1821
d: 4/10/1873 - age: 52 - in St. Johnsbury, VT of fever
m: August 26, 1851 - Waterford, VT
Father's name: Flavil Bailey [Bixby}
Wife #3: Caroline B. Colby Watson Hadley
b: 1822
d: 9/131889 - age 67
m: June 26, 1876

He died from gangrene.

He was educated at Lancaster; taught school; learned the mill wright trade. Built a starch mill for Densmore in Sutton, VT, had charge of the machinery at Fairbanks some 4 years;built the coffer dam and bulkhead near the St. Johnsbury, VT depot; built the coffer dam and present dam at Fairbanks Village; built a saw mill in Victory, VT at a cost of $25,000. (History of Monroe, NH pg. 490)


Buried: 1873, St. Johnsbury, VT - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery - p

Name: Emily S. BAILEY

Born: 1822

Died: 1850

Buried: Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. St. Johnsbury, VT


The wife of Joseph Hadley may have been Emily S. Bailey and from St. Johnsbury, VT
According to the 1840 US census, there was a Sargeant Bailey living in St. Johnsbury, VT. His family included a female age "15 and under 20".

Marriage Notes

Married: 26 AUG 1851, Waterford, Caledonia, Vermont

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